"Racehorse ownership is an experience like no other. Some might call it  a passion, others an obsession."


Sole ownership is a very personal form of ownership. As the horse is owned outright by one person, the owner has a one-to-one relationship with the trainer. All aspects of the horse's training are discussed between the owner and Venetia.

The initial purchase of the horse and all training expenses are the responsibility of the owner. Training fees are paid monthly and are vatable which is reclaimed.

Sole owners choose the colours of their own silks and, in some cases, the name of the horse. Stable visits are at the owner's convenience, and during training Venetia and her staff will keep owners updated on their horse's progress.

When a horse runs, owners are entitled to six owners' badges and have access to all owners' facilities at race meetings. On race days, owners discuss race tactics with Venetia and the jockey in the paddock, confer at the end of the race and celebrate in
the winners enclosure when the horse wins.


Venetia encourages owners to be involved with their horse's progress and to visit the yard as often as possible.



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